Take it viral and help local restaurants!


Glad you found this page! And doubly glad you are interested in helping support local restaurants and locally-owned franchises during the COVID-19 outbreak. #eatlocalandshare is an attempt to help spread the word about restaurants in your hometown – many of whom are facing the loss of their business and their dreams.

Using the hashtag: #eatlocalandshare customers can post pictures of their takeout or delivered food and then share it on their social media accounts so your local restaurant can get extra publicity for to-go capabilities and yummy food – by getting the word out about the movement to friends, fans, and local influencers.

If it’s your job to make great food, then use the tools on this page to mobilize your fans. 

As business owners or influencers and food bloggers, you can help get the movement going using the tools below. Post using the images on this page to your own social media to encourage your customers to #eatlocalandshare and participate. There is room on the images so you can edit in your own logo or business information.

I would also encourage you to utilize your “stories” on Instagram and Facebook to cross-promote with other local restaurants, using the hashtag #eatlocalandshare and sharing images of businesses you love. If you use stories instead of your Instagram feed, you will keep that feed clean and branded for when this is all over and life goes back to (relatively, I hope) normal.

Scroll down for sample copy and images. Questions or want a special logo/image made? Email me at lisa.sillaway@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you out.


When you order from us @XXXX, please take a moment to snap a picture and share it online using the hashtag #eatlocalandshare. Enjoy takeout, delivery or curbside from us then hit social media to help spread the word about our locally-owned business and connect during our #socialdistancing and #quarantine.

When you support local restaurants during the #coronapandemic, you are supporting local businesses and families. Order takeout, delivery or curbside from us @XXXX and then #eatlocalandshare with a picture online to help spread the word and connect during our #socialdistancing and #quarantine. Oh, and don’t forget to tip!

Remember, when you #eatlocal that not all “chains” are owned by corporations. Many local owners choose to purchase a franchise of an established brand instead of beginning a new restaurant. Don’t forget to include local franchises when you #eatlocalandshare. Oh, and don’t forget to tip!

Did you know that approximately 54 percent of all fast-food restaurants in the United States are franchises that are generally locally-owned? You can still #eatlocal at your favorite local “chain” and still contribute to the economy in your hometown. Don’t forget to include local franchises when you #eatlocalandshare.

While we are closed, remember other small businesses – local restaurants – are staying open in order to help feed everyone during the #coronapandemic. Even if the dining room is closed, you can support local owners, wait staff and cooks by ordering takeout, delivery or curbside from our friends @XXXXX, @XXXX and @XXXX.  Just take a picture and then share on social media with the hashtag #eatlocalandshare.  Oh, and don’t forget to tip!


Below are three logo and social media options for you to use. If you click the thumbnail, it will take you to the full-sized psd file.

Grey and chic.


Floaty and white.


Teal and hip.


With URL if you want to share it.