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Why your business needs a Social Media Manager
Everywhere you go, you will see people who live on their phones. When they are looking for a service, a place to pick up a new product, or a great place to eat – they will start with social media. So make that first search a fantastic first impression.

If you aren’t readily available on their favorite platform? You just lost business.

What can a social media manager do for you?

  • Keep your products, services or brands in high visibility online.
  • Creative, thoughtful, consistent branding that is off your plate and current.
  • Hashtag trends change quickly, are you ready to keep up?
  • Best utilization of your marketing budget with a freelance professional instead of an expensive agency.
  • Best utilization of your team – social media can be time-consuming for the inexperienced. 
  • 73% of business owners say a strong social media presence is effective and helps their business, according to Buffer (2019).

Who is The Social Media Professor?
IMG_1372Cheers! Let me introduce myself! I’m Lisa Sillaway Henshall – a freelance writer, social media creative, editor and online content manager, working from home and in the Wichita area with occasional forays into London for clients in the theatre world. I’m based in College Hill but I’m happy to meet in any quadrant of the city. Especially if there is an offer of coffee (or champagne) involved.

I have worked for dozens of clients – big magazines such as Taste of Home and for big companies such as Learjet, Cargill and Flexjet, for charities like the Kansas Health Foundation,and even little local start-ups like Paul’s Spices. My clients have ranged from corporate to Mom ‘n’ Pop, from a down-home barbeque joint to luxury food purveyor Dean & DeLuca and I easily can tailor my “voice” to match you, your product, and your brand.

I’m an expert in theatre, food, and luxury brands but I’ll write and edit on any subject for you. I’ve written Web site copy extolling the virtues of thousand-dollar caviar and an in-depth magazine article about a local biker gang entirely made up of ladies. I’m flexible and fast. As long as it’s legal (or you’ll pay in unmarked bills), I am game to take it on.

Writing, copy editing, and social media management are some of the things I’m good at. If you are good at what you do but think you need someone good with words to help you get your message across, let’s talk. (Eager? Click to send me an email now:

I’m upfront about my pricing, here is the 2022 price listing for my common services. (2022 coming soon!)

Are you looking for my playwriting site? Click here for information about my more theatrical endeavors.


I’m a member of IMS Barter and TradeBank in Wichita. I know sometimes it’s easier to spend those barter bucks than it is to spend green cash, so I’m happy to talk trade!