Templates for Social Media Professor 1 (3)

Dan Bacalzo, PhD, Florida Gulf Coast University
I have known Lisa for more than 20 years. She’s a hard worker; I remember her balancing a full time managing job while we were both undergrads at Wichita State – no mean feat, that. And I remember how immediately she embraced the potential of the Internet at a time that many of us weren’t sure just how it was going to change our lives. She is knowledgeable and passionate, and I value highly her abilities.

Christine Clarady Determann, former coworker
Lisa’s positive take-charge attitude helped her to complete whatever job she undertook.

Adriene Geist Rathbun of @Social, author
I worked with Lisa several years ago and found her cheerful attitude, hard work and willingness to learn quite refreshing!

Michelle Baalman Suddeth of Delano Concepts and VeloSound
I’ve enjoyed working with Lisa, she is fun, organized and always willing to look into (and learn) new and emerging technology. I assisted Lisa on the redesign of the Friends University website years ago – it was her organizational skills and creative ideas for processing mountains of information that kept the project on track and successful in the end.

Kent Little, minister, chair of College Hill UMC Marketing Committee
Lisa (a committee member) is a joy to be around, filled with laughter and wit. She obviously has a strong commitment to her family, school, work, faith, and journey of life. Her willingness to volunteer and step up at our church makes her a tremendous asset to our community of faith and am sure she is wherever she is active. We are lucky to have her in our midst and I am honored to be her pastor.